The film release that I’m most looking forward to this week is J.Edgar. Exploring the life of J. Edgar Hoover, who founded the FBI and ran it for 47 years, J. Edgar examines Hoover’s political power, the secrecy surrounding his private life, and his relationships with those closest to him. J. Edgar is also an opportunity to see the first collaboration between director Clint Eastwood and acclaimed star Leonardo DiCaprio. Although J. Edgar has met with mixed reviews in the UK’s major newspapers, DiCaprio has received Golden Globe and Screen Actor’s Guild Award nominations for his lead role in the film.

Also released this week are: Coriolanus, a modern adaption of Shakespeare’s famous tragedy directed by and starring Ralph Fiennes; director Steven Soderbergh’s action thriller Haywire; comedy The Sitter starring Jonah Hill; and W.E.  which explores the relationship between Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson and is directed by Madonna.
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If you haven’t seen The Artist or Shame yet, I can certainly recommend them. Have a look at my reviews here:


This week sees the release of The Guard on DVD and Blu-Ray. Brendon Gleeson plays old style Irish Police Sergeant Gerry Boyle in a small Irish town. Confrontational and politically incorrect, with a penchant for booze and girls, Boyle butts heads with serious FBI Agent Wendell Everett (Don Cheadle) who’s in town busting a drug smuggling ring. When Boyle’s naive partner disappears, Boyle decides he needs to join forces with Wendell and take action.
Brendon Gleeson delivers both dry, sarcastic humour and scenes of sadness with equal perfection, creating a character that the audience is compelled to love despite his faults. Gleeson and Cheadle’s rapport is faultless and charm is brought to the film by many of its supporting cast including Fionnula Flannagan (who plays Boyle’s dying mother) and Mark Strong (who plays an international drug smuggler).
Receiving a Best Original Screenplay nomination this week at the BAFTAs, The Guard is an outstanding, if unusual, comedy. Be warned though, The Guard is politically incorrect and a little off the wall – a little  reminiscent of Irish comedy Father Ted. Not for the easily offended, but if you like both Father Ted and a bit of action, you’ll love The Guard.