This Means War is a romantic comedy, action style, starring Reese Witherspoon as Lauren, a single lady looking for love and egged on by her married sister, Trish (Chelsea Handler). Trying her luck on a dating website, Lauren meets the gorgeous Tuck (Tom Hardy), but on her way back from their first date, bumps into the attractive FDR (Chris Pine). Unaware that Tuck and FDR work together as CIA agents, Lauren begins to date both of them. An initial gentleman’s agreement turns sour when Tuck and FDR both fall for Lauren’s charms and ‘war’ ensues.

How can this conundrum possibly end well for anyone? The story’s writers overcome this problem with a little flair and a lot of convenient back story. Reese Witherspoon walks a similar tightrope as Lauren, who could all too easily fall into the ‘slut’ trap. Fortunately, Witherspoon’s comic timing and onscreen sweetness give Lauren a likability that doesn’t shake. Thanks to Witherspoon’s performance, it is possible to both envy and empathise with Lauren.

This Means War has enough romance and action to appeal to a wide audience. It is has plenty of laughs too and makes for an easy hour and half. But it falls somewhere short of hilarious and is too predictable to be labelled imaginative. This Means War is a comfy film that’s easy on the eye but offers few surprises.

VERDICT:   ✪ ✪

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