Gone stars Amanda Seyfried (In Time, Mamma Mia!) as neurotic and paranoid kidnap victim, Jill, in this latest suspense thriller to hit cinemas. When her sister goes missing in the middle of the night, Jill becomes convinced that her kidnapper has returned. Disbelieved by Police, who were similarly unable to substantiate Jill’s own kidnap story years before, Jill is forced to find her sister alone.

Gone opens in stunning fashion to vast, sweeping forests on the edge of the city

Gone opens in stunning fashion to vast, sweeping forests on the edge of the city, immediately creating apprehension about the unexplored, unfamiliar nature of deep woods. Jill is initially introduced as a determined but methodical individual, tracking through the forest in search of the cavernous hole she was thrown down by her kidnapper years before. As fixated as Jill is upon proving her story, Amanda Seyfried convinces early on that Jill is both truthful and sane.

Amanda Seyfried is captivating as Jill, drawing her audience completely into Jill’s world. As the number of lies Jill must tell increases, along with their depth and detail, Seyfried gradually takes her audience on a journey questioning this propensity for fascination and bringing into doubt Jill’s state of mind.

Although Jill also begins to question her own rationality, the plot is driven along so quickly, that there is a little time to explore this self-doubt in depth. Here Gone trades off characterisation in favour of plot pace, leaving me wondering whether dwelling a little longer on this aspect of Jill’s character would have made Gone a much deeper story about sanity, trust and isolation.

Nevertheless, script writer Allison Burnett cleverly plays with tension, withholding and revealing clues, and upping the level of suspense with every scene. Although, there are perhaps a few too many red herrings that could leave you feeling a little cheated.

There is an air of quality about Gone. It has a number of nice touches including strong visuals and a soundtrack that make it a cut above typical suspense thrillers. The producers have played with music and silence to eerie effect and it had me on the edge of my seat from very early on.

VERDICT:  ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪

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