In February, Amazon Instant Video – formerly LoveFilm – announced its decision to resurrect BBC1’s Victorian crime drama, Ripper Street. It’s a landmark deal that sees Amazon co-fund the drama’s third series with the BBC. Amazon will premiere the show online before its broadcast on BBC1.

Then, last week the BBC announced plans to close youth channel BBC3, moving all of the channel’s content online. It’s clear television is changing. Look at Netflix. They’ve resurrected Arrested Development and given us House Of Cards. Now AMC’s The Killing is due to be resurrected too. Streaming services are emulating the big US cable channels in producing higher budget original shows. But what are the impacts on traditional, free to view television?

Join me in my first feature for What Culture as I unpick the ramifications of Amazon’s landmark deal – will there be bigger budgets, more creative control for writers or more choice for viewers? Will the impacts be largely good or bad for audiences and the legacy of our favourite shows?

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