A few weeks ago Vern over at Vern’s Video Vortex was kind enough to nominate me for a Liebster Award. So here’s where I give him a shout out and a virtual round of applause for his own award win.

Gif added to Harry Potter Wika by Nick O'Demus

Gif added to Harry Potter Wika by Nick O’Demus

Seriously I’m very grateful that Vern selected me for this and I urge you all to hop on over there and check out his great blog. His reviews of new and classic films are always entertaining and insightful. You’ll also find plenty of links to his podcasting activities over there too.


Of course, the Liebster Award comes with a few rules and here they are:

1. The bloggers who have been nominated must link back to the person who nominated them.
2. Nominees must answer the eleven questions given to them by the person who nominated them.
3. Those nominated must choose eleven of their favorite bloggers who have less than 200 followers to answer their own set of questions When you are nominated, you cannot nominate the person who nominated you.


So here are my answers to Vern’s probing questions 🙂

1. What angers you the most when watching a movie in theaters?

People talking. My recent trip to see Noah came complete with a running commentary from people in the row behind. Very annoying.

2. What do you love about watching movies in theaters?

The complete dedication you’re able to give to the movie – you can’t get up to make a cup of tea or answer the phone even if you wanted to. I especially love the sound on an IMAX screen – the bass on Dark Knight Rises was AMAZING.

3. Name a movie you never want to watch. Ever.

This is a tough one as I’ll usually give pretty much anything a chance. I’m going to go with The Devil Inside – just the trailer had me shaking in my boots. I probably wouldn’t sleep for weeks.

4. Name a movie you’re ashamed you haven’t seen yet.

Star Wars. I know, I know….

5. Favourite weekend hangout?

Countryside picnic. Even better when it’s sunny, is the British seaside with fish and chips.

6. Favourite band or music artist for the past week?

Lorde and The 1975

7. 3D.  Yay or Nay?

Mostly nay, but Gravity did impress me.

8. Name a movie you wish you could have been on the set while it was filming.

The X-Files: Fight The Future (1998). I’m a huge fan and to be on set when they were at the top of their game would be an unforgettable experience. Failing that, any Wes Anderson movie – ahh what fun that would be.

Photo by Merrick Morton - © Twentieth Century Fox. All rights reserved.

Photo by Merrick Morton – © Twentieth Century Fox. All rights reserved.

9. How do you stream movies? Computer, Blue-Ray Player, Game Consoles like PS4 and Wii.

Computer or PS3

10. What are your top five favorite movie podcasts to listen to?

Have to admit that I don’t usually listen to movie podcasts but after Vern’s feature Top 5 Movie Review Shows You Should Be Watching Online I’m getting into alternative film review shows.

11. Who is your movie celebrity crush?  You have to answer for both guys and girls.

Tom Hardy and Jessica Chastain

So on to the exciting bit (which is also pretty tough as I could only choose eleven of you). My Nominations for a Liebster award are:


Failed Critics

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And for those nominees, here are your questions.

1. Name the last film you watched
2. Name the director whose movies you most admire?
3. We all have a movie that’s our guilty pleasure. What’s yours?
4. If you could play any movie character in a remake, who would it be?
5. Name your favourite black and white movie
6. What book would you most like to see made into a film?
7. Best cinema snack?
8. Which job in the movie industry do you most fantasize about doing?
9. Which film writer or blogger do you find most inspirational?
10. If you could only take films from one genre on a desert island with you, which genre would it be?
11. And finally, what upcoming movie are you most anticipating?

Well that’s all from me. I look forward to reading all of your answers. If you haven’t already, please drop in on the nominated blogs and spread the love. And one last big thank you to Vern’s Video Vortex!

Gif added to Harry Potter Wikia by Nick O'Demus

Gif added to Harry Potter Wikia by Nick O’Demus