Nostra has started a great new blogathon over at My Film Views. This one is Six Degrees Of Separation and here’s what it’s all about.

This blogathon is based on a theory that in only six steps you can link anyone to any other person in the world. It will test your knowledge of actors, movies and directors. You will get two names of either actors/actresses/directors or movies and what you will have to do is make a link between them in a maximum of six steps.

Over at Flixchatter, Ruth has already completed the first leg of this challenge taking us from Hitchcock to the Transformers movies. You can see how she did it here. Now Ruth has challenged me to take us from Transformers to Gary Cooper, so here goes…
1. Transformers stars Mark Wahlberg;

© 2014 Paramount Pictures

© 2014 Paramount Pictures

2. Mark Wahlberg’s infamous appearance on the Graham Norton couch also featured a rather stunned looking Michael Fassbender. If you haven’t watched this episode before you seriously should it’s hilarious, especially the red chair section;

3. Michael Fassbender co-starred in Jane Eyre alongside Mia Wasikowska;

© 2011 - Focus Features

© 2011 – Focus Features

4. Mia Wasikowska played Alice in Tim Burton’s 2010 version of Alice In Wonderland;

© 2008 Disney Enterprises, Inc

© 2008 Disney Enterprises, Inc

5. In the 1933 version of Alice In Wonderland, Gary Cooper starred as the White Knight.
So there you have it, Transformers to Gary Cooper in five steps.
I’m now going to pass the baton on to Cara from Silver Screen Sernade with the task of connecting Gary Cooper to Colin Firth. Good luck!