My Name Is Salt – an observational documentary about Indian salt workers from director Farida Pacha – is inescapably beautiful. Lingering shots blister with the heat of the desert salt pans, mud squelches under the weight of bare of feet, oozing up ankles and sticking to the skin. Later, crystallised lumps of pure white salt slip back into the water with a seductive splash. But it’s not just the cinematography that makes My Name Is Salt so beautiful. There’s a poetic beauty to the subject matter too.


You can read more about this poetic beauty in my full review of Pacha’s reflective, contemplative documentary over at Gorilla Film Magazine here. The trailer gives a wonderful flavour of the flawless, elegant cinematography and I highly recommend that you check it out.


My Name Is Salt will be screened at the ICA, London on August 28th