Premiering at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, on 17 September, Love Hotel is a ‘backstage’ pass to private Japanese life. Seated in a medieval tradition of closeted intimacy, 37,000 love hotels exist across Japan, providing access to secret rooms for the 2.8 million people who use them every day. Phil Cox and Hikaru Toda’s intimate documentary follows a handful of these customers at the Angel love hotel, Osaka.

Cox (whose previous documentary film The Bengali Detective has already been picked up for a fictional remake by Ridley Scott and Fox Searchlight) and co-director, Toda, employ a strictly non-judgemental approach, an emotional focus, that ensures their film never strays into the realm of the salacious or sensational. Instead Love Hotel takes an introspective look at Japanese culture: a culture that struggles with intimacy, both in public and at home.

You can read my full review of this fascinating documentary at Gorilla Film Mag. In the meantime, check out the trailer below.

Love Hotel has its UK premiere at the Institute of Contemporary Arts London on 17 September 2014. Book your tickets here.