Thirteen films are released every week in the UK on average, that’s more than 650 films every year. As a viewer, it can be hard to keep up. And with blockbusters reigning supreme at the multiplexes it can be especially difficult to see smaller, independent film releases outside of the main cities. It has become all too easy for these limited releases to get buried under the weight of our multiplying watch-lists.


Once upon a time, I used this blog to review the latest mainstream films (I was reviewing for local newspapers at the time) but now I’d like to look back at the enormous catalogue of thought provoking releases that failed to make it big at the box office. In this new series – ‘Now Showing’ – I explore the best of these films available online and explore some of the ways that they communicate with us. You can find a links to all the instalments so far here:


Indie film
Gael Garcia Amores Perros
No.2. Amores Perros: what it means and where it fits in Iñárritu’s filmography